Welfare Program



  • Support for student expenses

    • High school financial support

  • Support various congratulations and

    • Congratulations and Congratulations
      Wreath support

  • Dormitory Support

    • Provide corporate-owned dormitory
      (Double room)

  • Holiday gift

    • Every year, snow, Chuseok staff gift

  • Cafeteria

    • Balanced in taste and nutrition
      Serving the highest quality meals

  • O/K Zone cafe

    • Barista blends directly with
      Coffee & Beverage

생활안정 지원

Support for stable living

  • 4major insurance

    • National pension, health insurance,
      Industrial accident insurance,
      employment insurance,

  • Sign up for retirement pension

  • Medicalbi support

    • Inpatient room non-insurance support
      (including family)

  • Health detection

    • Employees perform annual health

동기부여 및 여가활동

Motivation and
leisure activities

  • Awards system

    • long-term employee awards,
      employee overseas training,
      management performance

  • Various vacation

    • Use corporate rest resort

  • Club support

    • In-house club operation

  • Office environment

    • Rest room, Shower room, Meeting room