Company Introduction

We will achieve perfect customer satisfaction with future competitiveness
secured by cutting-edge technology and proven product quality.

Hello everyone?
Established in 1987, OBARA KOREA has since grown to a world-class
company through endless technological development and accumulated know-how.
Since its foundation, we have played a part in developing welding technology as a specialist
in the manufacturing of car frame welding machines (resistance welding solution)
Equipped with professional sales personnel and a one-stop production system,
the executives and staffs of OBARA KOREA unite in making effort to provide
a new level of welding technology of reliable quality.

We believe that

"Goal can be renewed but cannot be achieved"

As we’ve done so far, we will keep realizing customer satisfaction with the best quality and technology,
focusing on introducing and developing new and advanced technology.
We thank our customers for their endless support and interest in OBARA KOREA

Yours very truly, CEO.