Product Introduction


Tip Dressing Checker
Product Overview
The equipment that determines the dressed form of the front end of a tip
Product Features
It applies the gun tip (welding force) to a special jig and reads air pressure, which tells the degree to which the jig and the tip are agreed, to determines whether it is necessary to dress
1) It matches the dressed cap tip to the check gauge, closes the gun, and supplies a certain amount
of compressed air to the check gauge
2) For the cap tip whose dressing status is normal, the cap tip seals the air outlet and it turns on the pressure sensor
3) For the cap tip whose dressing status is abnormal, the cap tip cannot close up the air outlet and thus compressed
air keeps flowing out through the air outlet. As a result, the pressure sensor will not turn on
4) When a cap tip is confirmed to be abnormal, it stops the robot and issue alarm