Product Introduction


Auto Tip Dresser LS
Product Overview
The machine that grinds the tip of a spot-welding gun at a high speed
Product Features
It is a grinder of low welding force and high rotation and used for a robot gun whose welding force is about 80Kg ~ 110Kg
  • Name Auto Tip Dresser LS (ATD-LS)
    Output 750W
    Size 240(W) x 167(D) x 268(H)
    Input Power 3Phase, AC200v ~AC480v
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) 350~440
    Deceleration Ratio 4:1
    Welding Force 80~110Kgf
    Rotational Direction Left
    EQ Spring, ±10mm
    Weight (kg) 13.2

Since ATD head is circular (140˚) in design to improve entry into the gun.