Product Introduction


Cooling Water No-Leakage System
Product Overview
The equipment that prevents peripheral devices from failing and corroding due to the leakage of coolant while changing a tip and it minimizes the coolant to make a clean environment
Product Features
It is the integrated structure with the coolant manifold and can be attached to the existing location for attachment
Can be applied to any gun regardless of its size
Chooses one of two control boxes for wanted specifications
Board attached (simple signal system) / board not attached (a user sets the program for him-/herself)
  • Name Cooling Water No-Leakage System (CWNLS)
    Operation Method AIR
    Power Control(V) DC24V
    Air Pressure (bar) 3~8bar
    Coolant Pressure (bar) 3~9bar
    Minimum Pressure Difference 1.5bar or higher
    Workable Temperature (℃)) 5~40℃
    Size 225mm(W)X212mm(D)X100mm(H)