Product Introduction


Auto Tip Dressing and Changer
Product Overview
The integrated product with Auto Tip Dresser and Auto Tip Changer
Product Features
Because Auto Tip Dresser and Auto Tip are integrated into the structure, it optimizes the use of space
Cuts quickly on rotation / not limited to indirection to install (both horizontally (H) and vertically (V)
Grips electrodes with three saw teeth simultaneously so it can minimize their dislocation
EQ unit built in to prevent the impact of the gun and Auto Tip Dresser
  • Name Auto Tip Dressing and Change (ATDC)
    Operation Method Motor-driven
    Rated Voltage 3상 220/380/400/415/440V
    Frequency 50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
    Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) 350 440 90 110
    Output 750W
    Motor Protection Class IP55
    EQ ±10mm
    Name Magazine
    TYPE Drum Type
    Operation Method Mechanical rotation using a spiral spring
    TIP Mounted 14set(Φ16)/16set(Φ13)