Product Introduction

Spot Welding Gun

Stationary Spot Welder
Product Overview
The treadle gun that can handle bolts and nuts
Product Features
Compact (with built-in T / C) and simple in structure
Prevents spatters and safety cover on while the cylinder is working
An oilless cylinder applied to improve durability and maintainability
Multifunctional teaching pendant and display pendant (standard model)
  • Name Stationary Spot Welder(SSW)
    Driving System Air Cylinder Way
    Welding Force 600kg.f
    Input Voltage 380V/415V/440V/480V, 50HZ/60HZ/3상 (=10%,-10%)
    Features Small-sized and multifunction options

Secondary Feedback Control Type

- Detects secondary current of a welding transformer using T-coil and
thus improves welding accuracy and detects abnormal primary current

T-Slot Type

- Pocket-sized and can adjust the height of the welding force unit and change stroke

Decompression System Type

- Can choose exclusive pressure for Tip Dressing and set automatic decompression
when it reaches a target beating point

Air Tank Type

- Maintains pressure by buffering instantaneous air change. Requires certification for exports

Exclusive Cooler Type

- Can apply an exclusive cooling system for a high cooling efficiency